Hot Bodies - Austin, TX
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4134 Felter Ln

Austin, TX 78744

Nude Club
Lap Dances
Female Dancers

No Food
Min Age 18
No Dress Code
Feature Acts
Everyone Welcome

Latest review:
By Jimmy: Worst place ever 17 dancers got into a fight someone lost an eye worried for the customers if thin...

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mon $10, Wed $5 dances

12pm - 2am open till 4am Fri & Sat
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Strip Club News
08/05/2014 - Prostitution sting leads to shut down of Naughty Girls

Oshkosh's last strip club closed its doors this week as local prosecutors were pursuing a court order to shut it down. Naughty Girls, 2116 Jackson St., had a small sign posted on the door Tuesday indicating the strip club and bar is...

08/20/2014 - U.S. Marshal Shuts Down Amarillo Strip Club

The feds shut down an Amarillo strip club. Beavers gentlemen's club was closed Tuesday by the U.S. Marshal's office. The closure is part of a writ of execution against the owner, Barry Pour. The club is set to go on the auction ...

08/23/2014 - Erie,Pa. man charged in fatal shooting outside Toledo strip club

An Erie, Pa. man who allegedly shot and killed Marcus Osley following a disturbance at a downtown strip club was arraigned today in Toledo Municipal Court. Judge Timothy Kuhlman ordered Keevon C. Johnson, 34, held in the Lucas County ja...

08/22/2014 - Joe Budden at strip club after he beat his ex

Rapper and reality TV star Joe Budden is being hunted by police after allegedly beating his ex-girlfriend outside of an Inwood nightclub—but he’s still a free man boasting on Twitter about lap dances and joyrides around the ...

08/21/2014 - Man Doesn't Understand Strip Clubs, Calls 911 After Dancer Wont Have Sex

A 53-year-old Montana man was having a regular ol’ doozy of a night at Sagebrush Sam’s Exotic Dance Club, which sounds like quite the impressive establishment. After dropping $350 for a private dance, William McDaniel had th...

08/10/2014 - Strip- club dancers take off tops in heated protest outside Ohio Church

WARSAW, Ohio -- Exotic dancers from an Ohio strip club protested topless outside a church Sunday and engaged in a few heated verbal exchanges with church members. Dancers from Foxhole North, a club in New Castle in central Ohio, staged ...

08/12/2014 - Man beaten in front of Williston strip club dies

WILLISTON, N.D. — A man who was attacked outside the entrance of a Williston strip club has died from his injuries, investigators said Tuesday. Dean Niederklopfer, 25, was taken off life support at a Minot hospital late Monday, al...

08/14/2014 - Arrest made in Federal Heights strip club shooting

A 22-year-old man was taken into custody after he identified himself as one of the shooters at a strip club early Wednesday. Eray Wilson turned himself in for the shooting where one man was shot in the chest, and another man was shot in...

08/16/2014 - Farrah Abraham Working at Strip Club for Research

Farrah Abraham has landed a job at a strip club, but the former Teen Momstar insists it's merely "research." According to E! News, Abraham was hired at Palazio Gentlemen's Club in Austin a few weeks ago as a cocktail w...

07/25/2014 - Bar busted for having illegal strip club, open drug sales

A local bar was raided on Thursday night after authorities say the owner was running an illegal strip club. The owner of Los Compaz Sports Bar & Grill, Steven Paul Gonzalez, 29, was arrested for selling liquor without a license and ...

08/03/2014 - Man shot leaving Ottawa strip club

A man in his mid-30s remains in hospital after he was shot in a taxi while leaving an east end strip club early Sunday. He was hit “square in the back,” said Sgt. Seth Curtis from the guns and gangs unit, commenting on the 2...

07/31/2014 - Woman left baby in car at strip club

A Chesterton woman was charged with neglect of a dependent after police allege she left her 7-month-old child in a car for hours while she was intoxicated inside a strip club. Witnesses said Amanda E. Paduano, 28, arrived at Polecatz St...

08/04/2014 - Strip club could be sold to satisfy $300K judgement

A longtime Amarillo strip club could be sold at public auction unless its owner pays off a more than $300,000 court judgment stemming from a federal wage and hour lawsuit. Former employees at Beavers Gentlemen’s Club sued the club...

07/11/2014 - Phoenix strip club Roxy gets controversial liquor license

A state panel on Thursday approved a liquor license for a Phoenix strip club despite protest from a nearby neighborhood. The Arizona State Liquor Board unanimously approved the transfer of a liquor license to the owner of Roxy Showgirls...

06/30/2014 - Barbershop owner accused of running strip club with underage dancers

The owner of an Orange County barbershop was arrested after Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation agents raided the business and said it was being used as a strip club. Super Fades barbershop, which sits along Pine Hills Road, is closed ...

07/10/2014 - Strip club murder suspect arrested in Portland

A suspect in the murder of a man and the shooting of four others at a Southeast Portland strip club last weekend has been arrested. Jontae Mixon, 27, was taken into custody around 10 p.m.

Wednesday near NE 18...

07/06/2014 - Exotic Dancers Sue Strip Club Over Pay

A local strip club is hit with a lawsuit after several exotic dancers accuse their bosses of unfair pay practices. More than a dozen current and former dancers at Tiffany's Cabaret on Wurzbach Road have joined a labor lawsuit filed ...

07/07/2014 - Metro Strip Club Owner Wants Unlicensed Competition Shut Down

A metro strip club owner wants his unlicensed competition shut down. The owner said it’s about to put him out of business, and now he wants his say in an Oklahoma City lawsuit. The lawsuit is the latest in the city’s crackdo...

07/09/2014 - 14 arrested in raids at NC strip club, bars after months of undercover work

LUMBERTON, NC -Several NC agencies capped an undercover o...

07/09/2014 - Mayor taking action following I-Team strip club investigation


Editor's Note: An NBC 10 I-Team investigation has found prostitution taking place i...

07/08/2014 - Angry patron crashes into Eastside strip club

A 38-year-old Indianapolis man was arrested, after police said he drove his car into an Eastside strip club after becoming angry that bouncers had kicked him out.

Security staff at Club Paradise, 5255 English Ave., escorted the man fr...

06/17/2014 - Lawsuit filed against $3m strip club next to convent

A lawsuit has been filed against a $3m strip club that opened across the back fence from a convent. The Get It/Club Allure strip club opened last September adjacent to the Missionary Sisters of St Charles Borromeo in Cook County, Illino...

06/18/2014 - Deadly shooting outside west side Detroit strip club

One person was shot and killed outside of a Detroit strip club early Wednesday morning. It happened around midnight at the Sphinx bar, which is on Plymouth Rd. just east of the Southfield freeway.

We're to...

06/15/2014 - Happy Father's Day, Strip Club Offers Free Lap Dances

It’s Father’s Day… so get your free lap dance? Show Palace is reportedly offering a free lap dance to the first 100 dads who arrive at the Long Island City, N.Y., strip club today. The early arrivals also get free adm...

06/12/2014 - Controversial Queens strip club welcomes dad with a racy Fathers Day promotion

Oh, daddy. A Long Island City nudie bar is hosting a Father’s Day event for those who’d rather celebrate by ogling a stripper than spending quality time with their family. The first 100 dads to arrive at the Show Palace get ...

06/14/2014 - Holmdel doctor wasn't only one scammed at strip clubs

The Holmdel doctor who claimed he was drugged and ripped off at a New York City strip club wasn't the only person who ever claimed to be a victim of a strip-club scam. A representative of Dr. Zyad K. Younan pointed to arrests this w...

06/09/2014 - Former Shoreline strip club to reopen as church

SHORELINE, Wash. -- Can a building's soul be reborn? Members of the Bethany Community Church hope so, God willing. The non-denominational church has taken out a lease on what was Sugars, the strip club that was a target for police a...

06/10/2014 - Nuns Step Up Fight Against Neighboring Strip Clubs

The nuns are not done. The Roman Catholic sisters whose convent fence-line is mere inches from a flashy new strip club in suburban Stone Park were unable to prevent the business from opening last year. But they haven't given up the ...

06/11/2014 - Rich men allegedly scammed: drugs, strip clubs, and charges

New York prosecutors accused a strip club manager and four dancers of drugging wealthy men with ketamine and "molly," bringing them to topless clubs, and charging thousands of dollars to their credit cards.

05/21/2014 - Women charged with striking people with car in strip club parking lot

A 19-year-old woman was charged with threatening people with a knife early Monday in the parking lot of an Allentown strip club and then hitting them with her car as she fled, according to court records. Brianna G. Fleming, of Yeadon, D...

05/17/2014 - Pimp associated with underage strip club dancer remains in R.I. prison

PROVIDENCE — Nearly a year after the police and federal agents found a 15-year-old Boston girl dancing at Cheaters Gentlemens Club and in the company of a convicted pimp, the investigation remains open. Troy Footman, 52, remains h...

05/29/2014 - Man Shot Twice During Strip Club Brawl, NYPD Says

THE BRONX — A man was shot in the left leg and chest during a brawl inside a Mott Haven strip club on earlier this month, the NYPD said.

The victim, a 26-year-old whose name was not released, was inside...

05/26/2014 - Family- run strip club in Tel Aviv cheated authorities out of NIS 10 million in taxes

Tax investigators say a family- run strip club in south Tel Aviv cheated authorities out of as much as NIS 10 million, stashing the loot in the family house, the club, and a car, where drug dogs found more than NIS 400,000 in cash this ...

05/20/2014 - Police search for suspect in Richmond strip club shooting

A shooting outside of a Richmond strip club has police now searching for a person of interest. Around 1:00 Tuesday morning, several gunshots were heard outside of Manhattan Club on Water Street. Police say four shots were fired into the...

05/19/2014 - Bryant Mckinnie settles strip club lawsuit with Trick Daddy's dad for $150K

There are a lot of us who have had a bad night at the strip club. There aren't many of us who have had $150,000 worth of bad nights. That's the amount that former Baltimore Ravens and Miami Dolphins offensive tackle Bryant McKin...

05/23/2014 - T.J. Ward appears in court, issued summons for strip club incident

An arrest warrant was issued for Broncos safety T.J. Ward on Thursday, charging him with misdemeanor assault and disturbing the peace after an incident at a strip club in Denver earlier this month. Ward appeared in court Friday on those...

05/15/2014 - Woman accused of running strip club out of her home faces charges

A woman faces a felony charge for running a strip club and brothel in her Ferguson home, according to court documents.

Carmen Fluker faces up to five years in prison and $250,000 in fines on a felony charge of...

05/05/2014 - A Peek Inside Olympia's First, and Only, Strip Club

As you drive east on Pacific Avenue ...

05/09/2014 - Man tossed from strip club died from illicit drugs

A southwestern Illinois coroner says a man arrested outside of a strip club later died from a likely adverse reaction to illicit drugs.

Madison County Coroner Steve Nonn says 30-year-old Jason Jordan of St. Lo...

05/14/2014 - Woman ran strip club and brothel in Ferguson home

It had everything you might find in a classic strip club — a pole for dancing, full bar, security and a VIP room.<...

05/11/2014 - Closed for good? Judge on Tuesday could decide fate of Foxx Trap strip club

Jefferson County Judge Tom King Tuesday has set an emergency hearing on the Foxx Trap strip club where he could decide whether the business remains open or must comply with the city...

05/01/2014 - Former San Jose Dancers Suing Pink Poodle Strip Club Over Pay

Nearly a dozen former dancers say they were underpaid and even charged to work during their shifts at longtime South Bay strip club The Pink Poodle.

11 women filed suit against the San Jose club and its owners...

05/02/2014 - Building Collapse Forces Evacuation of D.C. Strip Club

Four buildings partially collapsed in northwest D.C. Friday afternoon, forcing a strip club's evacuation.

A security guard at a Birmingham strip club was shot and killed early Saturday morning after failing to comply with the demands of a...

05/06/2014 - Patron shot at strip club near Wilmington

A 29-year-old strip club patron was wounded in leg Tuesday afternoon in the club's parking just south of ...

05/13/2014 - Maine banker used bank money at strip clubs

Federal authorities say a former executive at TD Bank in Maine used a corporate credit card to spend nearly $220,000 a...

05/12/2014 - Man Urinated in women's dressing room at Bustop strip club

Boulder police arrested a 24-year-old man last week after he allegedly urinated in the women's locker room of the Bus...

05/08/2014 - New Strip Clubs Could Be No Longer Welcome in One Valley Area

A law that would put the brakes on new strip clubs in one area of the San Fernando Valley was approved yesterday by the city's Planning and Land Use Management Committee. The full City Council could vote on it as early as next week....

04/16/2014 - Strip- club owner was unaware of illegal activity, lawsuit says

Amid talk of lap dances and wiretaps, a King County jury began hearing testimony Tuesday in a lawsuit pitting an aging...

04/21/2014 - Women defends brother, kills man at Kendall strip club police say

A man is dead and a woman faces a charge of second-degree murder after an argument inside a Kendall strip club over the weekend, according to Miami-Dade County police.

An argument started between two men. Soon...

04/29/2014 - Steven Utash's daughter says her brother spent his own money at strip club

Beating victim Steven Utash’s daughter says none of the nearly $200,000 donated to help cover her father’s medical costs...

04/28/2014 - Beating victim Utash to begin rehab; 4 face attempted murder trials in August

Beating victim Steven Utash will be transferred to the Detroit Medical Center’s Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan this week to begin treatment, his daughter said today as four suspected assailants we...

04/29/2014 - R.I. Supreme Court declines to hear Satin Doll strip club's appeal

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — The state Supreme Court is declining to hear the Satin Doll strip club’s appeal of its license suspension for allowing prostitution in private booths.


04/29/2014 - Chicago- area education fraudsters used strip clubs, cruises, cash to bribe school officials nationwide

The government seized some $1.8 million from the companies in 2010 and 2011 and plans to seize several pieces of diamond jewelry, five luxury cars, life insurance policies, the men’s homes and three additional condos.

04/22/2014 - Two stabbed in SF strip club fight

Police in San Francisco Tuesday afternoon were continuing their search for suspects involved in a fight at a North Beach strip club that left two vic...

04/24/2014 - Man shot outside Detroit strip club on city's west side

 Police are investigating an overnight shooting that happened at a gentlemen's club on Detroit's west side.

A heart doctor who racked up a $135,000 bill at a West Side strip club spent most of his loot on the ladies, a source said Wednesday.

Zyad Yo...

04/21/2014 - Triana Residents Fight Proposed Strip Club:
TRIANA, Ala. Triana residents are the first to say they moved to the small townbecause of its potential for economic growth. But a controversial business proposal right outside their front doors isn’t exactly what they had in mi...
04/15/2014 - Billy Dean moves to highest court to appeal denial on Wantagh strip club
Strip club owner Billy Dean has turned to the highest court in the state to appeal a court ruling that prevented him from opening a new club in Wantagh, but the Town of Hempstead is urging the court to deny the ...
04/14/2014 - North Carolina man shoots 13 bullets into strip club after he was kicked out

A man made it rain with bullets inside a North Carolina strip club Thursday night after touching some of the dancers, police said. Mario Chavez, 33, was kicked out of the Leather & Lace strip club in Gastonia, N.C., after he reportedly slap...

04/10/2014 - Sketch released of man who robbed Burlington City strip club worker
BURLINGTON CITY — Police have released a composite sketch of the armed man who robbed an employee of the Playhouse Lounge on Route 130 early Sunday morning.

The robbery happened at around 12:30 a.m. after the employee steppe...

04/09/2014 - Strip Club's License Has Been Denied

WATERBURY — the state's Liquor Control Commission has denied a liquor permit for a strip club that was the site of a wild gunfight last month.

In a five-page decision issued Tuesday, the commission said it wouldn't ...

04/01/2014 - Olympia\'s first strip club set to open Friday

Desire, Olympia's first strip club at 3200 Pacific Ave., is set to open at 11:30 a.m. Friday, the owner of the business said Tuesday.

The ...

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Sexy brunette Rebecca stripping on a pool table

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Hot blonde in pink lingerie stripping and teasing

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Courtney Cummz teases you in her black mesh outfit

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Sasha looking hot in a leather skirt and bra

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Gorgeous blonde gets ready on the bed in a thong

3m 7s
SCN Teaser 8 SCN Teaser
Sexy brunette Amber strips and shows her flexibility

3m 20s